Broadband Services

Broadband – Installation, repair and optimisation

Slow or unreliable Internet can be at best frustrating and at worst drain time and money. This can be due to poor wiring or interference within your property. Our West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire broadband engineers can usually improve your broadband installation and fit speed enhancers to improve your web experience.

Esitel’s broadband engineers can help you with a range of broadband services including installation, repair and optimisation services, including:

  • Finding and fixing common broadband faults and problems
  • Installing and setting up broadband systems
  • Local area network (LAN) installation
  • Broadband speed enhancement
  • WiFi to an outbuilding.

To check your broadband speed click on the tester

To get an idea of the speed you should be getting in your area;

What broadband speed can I expect?

The estimate is usually conservative and you should get better than predicted. If your speed is slower or the service intermittent we can help.

We can also install network cables to allow multiple computers to share one broadband connection, with much more reliability and security than Wi-Fi connections.

There is never any one solution to a particular problem. With its experienced and highly qualified engineers Esitel can always provide a solution that best suits your needs.

Whether it’s fixing a fault, installing new equipment or providing technical advice, we can help you at very competitive prices. For an appointment at a time convenient to you, contact us on 01428 664488 or use the contact form